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Made on the

South Shore

Nova Scotia

Tipping Point Distillers creates an ultra premium vodka, in small batches, using organic grain, that's locally sourced from an Amish community.

And, it's all crafted in our Chester Basin distillery.

Tipping Point Vodka 750ml


We created Tipping Point Distillers to convince Nova Scotians & our visitors about our ability to produce a world class product.

Even though our customers love our building, equipment & labeling, what truly impresses them is the clean, smooth taste after it's been sampled.

We do this one small batch at a time, every time.

Why Organic

When you start by using superior ingredients, you're allowing yourself to make a superior product, and we believe that our locally grown organic grains are the best anywhere, and that's why they're the foundation of our products.
We also know that using organic ingredients prevents the release of synthetic fertilizers and dangerous chemicals into our environment, and especially your body.
Distilling organic spirits is more difficult than distilling from a conventionally grown crop, but we know the extra effort is worth it, because our customers constantly tell us so.

The Distillery

The Tipping Point Distillery is housed in a beautiful post and beam facility designed and built by expert local builders.

The signature piece of equipment used to expertly distill Tipping Point spirits is a hand-made copper still built in Germany by CARL Artisan Stills, a small family-owned operation who’ve been in business for over a century.

With a graduate utilizing a chemistry and biology degree Lori provides a scientific thoroughness to the operation bringing a data-driven understanding to many of the variables that can create a high quality spirit.

The distillery is also a warm and welcoming space where visitors can chat about the process, the product and even tour the facility. And of course, sample the fine spirits.


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Tipping Point Tasting Room
Tipping Point Ingredients

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